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📣Intelligent Temperature Measurement And Disinfection Channel System.


📣Suitable for 适合各领域使用 :
Factory, Office Tower, School, Shopping mall, Government Department, Airport, Condo, Public Area and other.


📍Introduction of outdoor/indoor remote human body temperature measurement, 360° degree body Disinfection system and worker attendance all in one system.
📍为您推荐SHIELD高科技 “人脸识别,人脸智能测温, 360°度全身自动消毒,考勤打卡一体机系统~


📍Suitable For Use In Various Fields.


📣To all manufacturers who are still hard at work at this critical moment, taking preventive and control measures to ensure the safety and health of everyone in your workplace is crucial to stop the worsening of the pandemic.
📣让SHIELD 高科技 “人脸识别,测温,360°度全身智能消毒,考勤打卡,一体机系统” 为那些还在前线生产必需品的制造商与商家们,带来保驾护航之重任。


📍Daily checkups and recording taking up too much time and increasing the exposure of risk for you and your staff? We have you covered with this intelligent big data platform with its infrared temperature check.


📍It automates the routine of individual personnel checkup, disinfection and creates report to analyse your staff's health condition.


📍Product Feature:
💡** Face Recognition With Temperature Record.
💡** Auto disinfection system.
💡** Alert & Warning Detect Alarm Function.
💡** Face Recognition Attendance Record.
💡** Face Recognition Access Control.


💡** 人脸识别与自动测温记录。
💡** 360°度自动喷洒全身消毒系统。
💡** 高温预警与警报功能。
💡** 扫脸打卡与进出时间记录。
💡** 扫脸通关与进出时间记录。


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Published : 5-Apr-2020

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